We work hard to serve you our best services. Client’s satisfaction is the only policy for us. We are serving several IT services with the top professionals in the industry, so that our solutions shines and keep you top in your domain.

Desktop Solutions

Desktop Solutions

If you have busy counters, lots of load of customers and work, too much calculations, glitchy and confusing documents and you are looking for a software that is easy to use, has easy and fast graphical user interface and take all your worries. Then you need a desktop solution. We provides desktop solution in the following categories.


Offline solutions does not requires a live internet connection. Offline solutions can be single user or multi user solution.

Client server

If in your premises, there is more than one users than you need a multi user system. In a multi user system we have to create a server that servers data to all clients and takes and saves data from all clients. There can be multiple sub servers and one main server. There can be thousands of clients in the architecture. Server can be hosted in the premises locally or can be hosted on cloud.


occasionally connected application is a great solution for the places where internet connection is not available constantly or not available on a constant bandwidth. In the architecture each client has a desktop solution that works on offline data and checks for internet connection regularly. When the internet becomes available it syncs data in two way. It uploads new or changed data to server and downloads the new and changed data from server.

Web Solutions

Web Solutions

Nobody can neglect the power of internet. The world is become small. Websites represents you in front of the whole world. Your business/office/factory/enterprises can be situated anywhere in the world, but that may reach to a locality. By website you increase your approach, you opens a counter in front of the whole world. If you don’t have a web site, I am sorry to say you are frog of a well. Make a website today and become a bird of Jove.

Dot net solutions

Dot net technologies provides extensible framework to develop great solutions. We servers in

C#, VB.Net, classic Asp.Net, MVC, MVVM, Entity Framework etc.

PHP and open source

The world is going to be open sourced. So that we are providing best solutions for Php, wordpress, Magento, jumla, Yie with the scripting Javascript, JQuery, CSS etc.

Website design and maintenance.

We provides website design services that makes your website on the top. Our designers are like superman and batman who are making unbelievable things.

Mobile Solution

Mobile Solution

Mobile is the gadget that is used by the largest population of the world. There is no gadget that is used by like this before. Mobile has the power to reach anyone. Everybody is using mobile today, doesn’t matter that the person is a university graduate, a professor, a science student, a factory labor or a beggar. Everyone is using mobile. Mobile application has the power to work on the go. The mobile applications be with you all time, walk with you, eat with you and sleep with you. So it is the only thing that is in contact with you all time. This power has shacked us and forced us to serve our clients services for the world’s most power full medium. We are serving in two platforms.

Android apps

IOS apps